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IDRL 19 - S3 Ep7 @ Tryst '19, IIT Delhi

Drone Pilot Training in Kolkata

IDRL 19 - S3 Ep7 @ Tryst '19, IIT Delhi

IDRL 19 - S3 Ep7 @ Tryst '19, IIT Delhi

Season: 03

Type: Real World

Start Date: Mar 2nd '19

End Date: Mar 3rd '19

Location: IIT Delhi

Status: Completed


IDRL 19: Night Drone Racing at one of the premier institutions in the country, Tryst '19, IIT Delhi.


A.      Participation Eligibility:


            1.       IDRL Beginner, Intermediate and Pro Class




            2.       Participants contacted and invited by IIT Delhi




            3.       New pilots who register on IDRL


B.       Schedule: 2nd Mar - 101 (IDRL Beginner + IIT Delhi participants) Race and Selections from 10 am to 2 pm. Pro Class Practice from 3 pm onwards till 10 pm. 3rd Mar - Pro Class and Selections Practice from 10 am to 3 pm and Race Night from 4 pm onwards till 10 pm.


C.      Qualifications: All IDRL Beginner and Intermediate pilots must attend the 101 Race and Selections process on 2nd Mar. Selected pilots from these based on their skill and evaluated by a panel of judges will get a chance to proceed to the 3rd Mar Race Night along with the IDRL Pro Pilots.


D.       Prize Pool from IIT Delhi:


    1)      1,00,000/- Total Cash Prize Pool distributed among top 7 winners of the Pro Race.


    2)      Distribution will be:

  • 1st - Rs. 37,000/-
  • 2nd - Rs. 27,000/-
  • 3rd - Rs. 16,000/-
  • 4th - Rs. 5,000/-
  • 5th - Rs. 5,000/-
  • 6th - Rs. 5,000/-
  • 7th - Rs. 5,000/-

    3)      IDRL will share the bank account details of the winners and the prize money will be sent to the winners directly.


    4)      Deadline for sending out prize money to top 7 winners by IIT Delhi according to signed MoU is 1st April, 2019.


E.        Accommodation and Food:


    1.       On campus accommodation fee = Rs. 3000/- per day


    2.       Refreshments might be provided.


    3.       If not opting for on campus accommodation, pilots will need to arrange for their own accommodation.


F.       Race Track Design:


            1.       Beginner Race Track Design will be simple version of Pro Race Track.


            2.       Pro Race Track Design will be released on 1st March. J. About Tryst.